CoeLux is an Italian company based near Lake Como that patents, prototypes and produces high-tech systems capable of replicating the natural experience of the sun and sky typically found in outdoor settings. The human being recognizes that the sky is an element of vital importance: wondering how to explore it and contemplating it in its variations, humans see the sky as an ancestral and global language. To imagine and appreciate an architectural space, thanks to the hyper-realistic technology developed by CoeLux, means to reinterpret the relationship between human beings and their surroundings.

Objects gleam in the exceptional light shining from the sky, casting sharp sky-blue shadows: especially in an underground environment, the effect is so powerful that it can radically change our perception of reality. It allows us to rediscover natural light in the real world in a totally new and surprising way.

Three Core Technologies

CoeLux is the first company faithfully to reproduce the full effect of the sky and sun in an artificial device.

  • Custom-made, high-brightness LEDs that deliver the spectral quality, the luminance and the directionality that is necessary to produce a convincing simulation of the sun.
  • Based on the psychological and physiological effects of human vision, CoeLux recreates the optical illusion of the sky and the sun located at an infinite distance from the observer through a sophisticated system of optics.
  • A randomised dispersion of nanoparticles in a thin transparent material reproduces the same quality and the same amount of Rayleigh scattering that sun rays experience when crossing the atmosphere, which causes our sky to appear luminous and blue.

From day one, CoeLux has been making significant investments to create a unique value that only CoeLux can offer, with more than 150 IP rights between patents and patent applications filed worldwide, along the whole value chain of sun-sky simulating devices and related technologies.


Visual appearance and infinite depth perception

According to the phenomenon of “Motion Parallax”, a moving observer can see the sun following them the perception of this slight movement of the sun makes the CoeLux systems all the more realistic.

The distance perceived as infinite by the CoeLux sun, contributes towards making the volume of the architectural space in which the system is installed perceptibly larger.

Our Philosophy is to connect people back to a true natural light sensation
through the use of high-end and hyper-realistic technology.

Ambient lighting through CoeLux

CoeLux® technology is capable of lighting up a setting with effects similar to those reproduced by natural light through an appropriate distribution of contrasts and colors. Daylight cannot be recreated without the combined reproduction of sunlight and the skylight.

Sunlight / the highly collimated, low CCT (yellow-orange) direct light component simulates sunlight, creating a defined, uniform beam of light, projecting parallel, sharp shadows of the lit objects.

Skylight / the high CCT (blue) diffused light component mimics the soft lighting effect of the sky inside the room with a blue light. The shapes and volumes of the objects, enhanced by the clear shadows cast by the sun, are thus tinged with azure blue.

CoeLux Smart Sky recreates the atmosphere closest to
your emotions and gives you  all the benefits of natural light.

CoeLux Smart Sky Reproducing the whole day

CoeLux Smart Sky comprises innovative technology that introduces chromatic tunability in CoeLux products, reproducing the scenarios, colour and light intensity of the sky on a clear day, at sunrise, noon and sunset. Natural light is responsible for controlling a range of human functions: lighting improves perceived comfort levels, as well as psychological and physiological well-being. By introducing the Smart Sky technology into CoeLux products, it is possible to simulate the changes in natural light over the course of the day, enhancing the value of CoeLux Classic products.

The perception of recreated sunlight maintains visual balance and improves people’s quality of life. The benefits include increased melatonin production, reduced stress, as well as improved attention and concentration.

CoeLux Smart Sky is available for CoeLux HT25, CoeLux HT25 Mini and CoeLux Sky Line products.

Interconnected, in nature as in CoeLux Smart Sky products, the sky and sun change colour and intensity distinctly with the passing of time, mimicking the relationship between sunlight and the atmosphere and reproducing the Rayleigh Scattering phenomenon.

CoeLux Smart Sky is based on an electrooptical effect. The Smart Sky diffusive skylike panel scatters the light in the same way the atmosphere scatters the sun rays, reproducing the different lighting scenarios of the day (sunrise – noon – sunset) by applying voltage to the panel itself.

CoeLux products and Smart Sky can be operated through a DALI, 0-10V or Casambi control system, working via Bluetooth, App or keypad. A scene can be set in sync with the course of the day for one or more CoeLux devices, or several scenes can be integrated according to the environmental requirements.