Special Quality Features

The excellent architectural designs of New Vitel IKE give rise to buildings of high aesthetics, fully in tune with their surroundings. They stand out for their minimal design and the modern shapes they create.



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We bring our surroundings to life. Driven by our technical know-how, values and consistency, we create safe buildings of the highest architectural standards, breathing new life into today, with our sights set in the future.

Georgios Vidalis, Managing Director

Our Philosophy

The main aim of New Vitel IKE is to construct buildings that ensure people draw satisfaction from their home, which may then be converted into a desire to transmit this positive energy to places outside their home.

Through this captivating challenge, New Vitel IKE uses its services to construct durable and extremely safe buildings for people, while respecting the environment. Construction is in line with the latest building requirements. Moreover, the use of certified and modern materials of the highest quality provide stability and safety.


Safety is pivotal for New Vitel IKE throughout all the stages of a project, from design to delivery. At the initial stage of the design, we especially focus on providing high seismic protection to the project, and on shielding the reinforced concrete frame against any interventions. In the next stage, we ensure the safety of all workers throughout the duration of the project, but also the safety of the project itself.  

CoeLux – Experience the Sky

CoeLux is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduct the light and visual appearance of the sun and the sky. It offers a breakthrough opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space.  CoeLux® technology enables the physical reconstruction of natural light, giving people the opportunity to experience the sun and the sky everywhere.


Energy Class A+

New Vitel IKE applies the energy class A+ method in all the buildings it designs and constructs. Both the financial benefits, from the installation of photovoltaic systems for energy production, and the quality features, through the upgraded construction materials, provide added advantages to the value of an investment.

Environmental Consciousness

Being fully aware of the environmental problems arising daily, New Vitel IKE pays extra attention to the use of materials and the saving of resources, such as collection of rainwater, use of photovoltaics, recycling of materials, etc.

Seismic Protection

New Vitel IKE aims to design buildings capable of fully withstanding any earthquakes, aiming to maximise the safety of the people living in them. With safety in mind when constructing any building, the ideal frame is selected and raft foundation is laid. In addition, we use certified Greek steel, reinforced concrete and robotic anti-seismic brackets.

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